MitchelLake and Structured Mischief Partner to Tackle the Crisis

There is no doubt that we are living in unusual times. 

COVID-19, equity and diversity protests, economic uncertainty, are forcing all of us to embrace radical change whether we like it or not. For many leaders, this means adapting and taking immediate action to protect their people, businesses and stakeholders.

Never normal. New innovation. New talent.

The search for new talent might not be at the top of your mind right now, but the fact is that the need to respond and adapt won’t end when the current crisis is over.  We are entering a brave, new world, and if you want to thrive, you need to start doing something about it today. Rather than seeking merely to return to the old normal, leaders must seize future-owning opportunities.

That’s why The MitchelLake Group and Structured Mischief are partnering to give you the tools to build your leadership and business resilience. 

“In recognition of the need to rapidly address ‘business not as usual’, we were drawn to collaborate with the luminary team at Structured Mischief,” says Jon Tanner, Global CEO and Founder of The MitchelLake Group.

“Together we aim to help our clients more effectively and holistically understand and surmount the challenges we all face right here, right now while keeping a firm eye on the long-game. We have rapidly adapted the ways we serve, support, and engage our people, our customers, communities, and organizations. Now is the time to generate fresh insights, capability, and partnerships to inform strategy and execute the plan as we navigate to a productive, healthy, and sustainable future together.”


Upfront workshops geared toward aligning leaders on issues and opportunities and testing core strategy.


Interactive speaker, discussion, and application sessions that empower leaders with the latest knowledge on mission-critical topics like the science of pandemics, racial justice and I&D, tactics for high performance, and more.


An interactive executive workshop aimed at re-testing strategy and capturing new opportunity based on lessons learned.



An interactive executive review of organisational structure, opportunities, and blockers impacting digital transformation (DX) and innovation. Balanced and enhanced with external insights and intelligence from competitor and cross-industry DX Leaders.

“Many feel their worlds are upside down and seek insight to change their futures,” says David Jensen, CEO of Structured Mischief. “The MitchelLake Group, together with Structured Mischief, are charting paths to navigate break-through success.”

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Structured Mischief provides business leaders (CEO/C-suite executives, entrepreneurs) and individuals (artists, activists, changemakers) a path to re-ignite their openness to change and imagine future success. 

The MitchelLake Group delivers executive search and talent solutions that have helped launch and transform some of the world’s leading ventures and brands, partnering high-growth startups through global expansion and identifying the leaders to help guide some of the world’s largest organisations through digital transformation and innovation on an industrial scale.

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